Adsense not counting Clicks? How to fix

If you are an Adsense publisher and your CPC/RPM not counting correctly on your Google AdSense dashboard, Then it’s a very sad thing for you. I know how bad the situation can be.

Today in this article, I will share with you some working tips to get out of this situation.

Why click and page views do not count on Adsense?

Google doesn’t say a specific reason for this type of problem. But personally, I found some reason.

Reason 1:

From my personal research that’s happened due to not having enough search visitors or not enough organic traffic.

You can tell me! Is this information authentic? Google never said “If you don’t have enough search traffic then click and page views will not count in AdSense officially” But It’s happening. I know this from my personal experience and my many friends complained about this.

When I went to investigate, I found this reason, This is the main reason your Adsense dashboard did not count clicks and impressions.

Reason 2:

If you have enough search clicks on your site, but not counting click on AdSense. then it can happen for these reasons:

  • You are watching your ad mostly
  • you are watching ads from your family members’ devices. (Google can detect this)
  • During customizing your site, you are watching your own ad. So use an Ad blocker when you customize your site.
  • Your audience is small but repetitive.
  • You have clicked unintentionally
  • someone clicking or abusing your site.

But how to fix it?

Fix ads click not counting on Adsense Dashboard

If you are in a bad situation, and you’re thinking your AdSense not counting ad clicks, Then you can fix it with some easy steps:

  1. Post SEO-friendly content and get an authentic audience.
  2. Make your site faster, If your site is slow, then you are getting a higher bounce rate, Higher bounce rate is bad for your site.
  3. Make Google ad-friendly content. You may also like High paying ad friendly keywords
  4. Don’t switch content type suddenly, keep your road. I mean if your site is recipe-related then keep your site related to recipe. If you want to change, then do it slowly.

The ultimate medicine for AdSense ad clicks and impressions not counting is a high amount of organic authentic visitors to the best ad-friendly content.

If you are facing this type of problem, I am here to consult, It’s 100% free, knock me.

What did Google say about this?

Google normally does not say specifically about this type of problem, Generally, google says that this happens for invalid traffic.

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