16+Adsense high CPC keywords for Bangladeshi visitors

CPC is a significant factor for your total earnings, If your CPC is higher then you are boom, and if your CPC is too low, then It’s very upsetting news for you, But today in this article, I will show you some magical Adsense high CPC keywords for Bangladeshi visitors specifically.

Adsense high CPC keywords for Bangladeshi visitors

Keywords are so different, American and Middle Eastern high CPC keywords are not beneficial for Bangladeshi visitors, Example: Insurance is the highest CPC content for many countries. But for Bangladeshi visitors, AdSense is not the highest CPC keyword.

So whats are Bangladeshi highest CPC keywords?

According to my 11 years of experience, the Highest CPC keywords for Bangladeshi are Investment, Immigration, Business, or any keywords that can relate to Bangladeshi people who connect abroad.

In other words, If you want to gain with Bangladeshi visitors, You have to target those people, who are Bangladeshi but living abroad. Imagine 13 million Bangladeshi living outside of Bangladesh.

If you work for these 13 million, you can earn more money from Google AdSense.

According to my research and experience, I am listing some highest CPC international keywords that are more friendly for Google Adsense.

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Adsense high CPC keywords for Bangladeshi visitors

Keywords for BDAverage CPC
Immigration, Visa$1.98
Trading $1.75
Online Class$1.43
Online Degree$1.36
Advertising $3.55
Remember, CPC can change due to many factors, This is my personal opinion from my 11 years of experience in the Google Adsense field.

If you have any opinion about Adsense high cpc keywords or anythings related to this post, Just feel free to let me know in the comment. I am ready to exchange thoughts with Adsense mindset. Thanks my friend to read to the end.

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