8 steps to make SEO-friendly biography content

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Creating a compelling biography is not just about narrating someone’s life story; it’s about presenting it in a way that is both engaging and search engine-friendly.

In today’s digital age, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for any content, including biographies. Here are eight simple yet effective steps to create SEO-friendly biography content. By following these guide, you can create a biography like Insiderion, Nitbuz.

Step 1: Keyword research

There are a few sections of keyword research

  1. Go SEMrush or other tool
  2. Analyze the keywords
  3. Select focus keywords and site keywords
  4. copy some keywords for input in content (use Notepad)

Before you start writing, it’s essential to know what keywords your target audience is using to find content similar to yours. Tools like SEMrush can be invaluable for this step.

Step 2: Content scraping

Scrap or collect some content from online and give to chatGPT for better output. there is step by step option:

  1. Open chatGPT
  2. tell chatGPT about sources and past sources
  3. Ask chatGPT to write content by mixing the keywords you collected for content

Get the following info from chatGPT:

  1. main content
  2. table
  3. list

(Ask chatGPT one by one, If you ask everything then chatGPT will answer you shortly, so ask main content, then the table, then the list & others one by one)

Step 3: Paraphrase

  • Use a paid tool to paraphrase, I am suggesting Quillbot.
  • Don’t change headings (Chat GPT’s heading is good, so never change headings with paraphrase app)

Step 4: Setup structure

After paraphrase, It’s time to give useful structure to your content, so make usable structure in content that’s easy for people.

For make a useful structure, Use your brain and creativity, The following list may help you:

  • Make meaningful headings
  • Make paragraph easily readable
  • past the table in the perfect place
  • Make the list and hard content in the last of content
  • images and videos are in right place

Step 5: Prepare images

After build a post with text-headings, list, and others, It’s time to add some images:

There are some steps:

  1. Collect some images
  2. Use Canva to remove bg
  3. Canva is for giving new looks to images, it will be new to google search bot. and it’s for SEO improvement
  4. Download edited images
  5. Change your images to webP former with (WebP is better for SEO)

You can know more about WebP here

Step 6: Linking

After upload all images, videos, and visuals, It’s time to add some refer links, It’s good for SEO. During linking other site, Don’t give backlink to the competitor.

Step 7: Setup focus keywords

Setup focus keywords on the box

By adding focus keywords on your post, you are telling google and others search engine about your post, add focus keywords with your talent.

Step 8: Backlinking

Finally, add some do-follow and no-follow backlinks within your content to improve its SEO. Also, try to get at least one backlink to your biography from another site to increase its visibility.

For free backlink, you can use Quora, Medium or site like this.

By following these eight steps, you’ll not only create an engaging and informative biography but also ensure it’s optimized for search engines. Happy writing!

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